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Deleon Reposado

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Deleon Reposado is a new addition to our range. With a simple, elegant and clean aesthetic, this stunning bottle stands apart from other top shelf tequila’s. Famed jewellery designer Bill Wall created the iconic and stunning carved metal top, which is just one of the many inherent details of the tequila. In a class by itself, Deleon’s beautiful honey amber Reposado should be sipped neat or savoured as the crowning ingredient in an ultra premium cocktail. While the aging process and blend remains a guarded secret, the unmatched smoothness of Deleon’s Reposado is celebrated by tequila aficionados around the world.

Deleon Reposado is pale-coloured tequila, aged eight months in oak barrels. It greets the palate in a smooth, elegant, and balanced fashion, with flavours of apple, roasted agave, and pepper.

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Drinking Suggestions
Best served chilled as a shot.
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